Amy Charowsky


Hi! I'm Amy and I would be happy to coach your team! I'd say I'm best suited to work with musical teams, and also non-musical teams/groups in the lower levels. Here is some relevant info about my background: I am currently a performer on my third Musical Megawatt house team (Winston, previously of Snacks! and Kid Detectives). I have studied coaching under the fantastic Rick Andrews and most recently was the regular coach for Musical Circuit team River City. Beyond my Magnet musical experience, I also have gone through the full UCB program.

My schedule is not listed as it changes a lot with my job. Generally, I have a lot of daytime availability, a couple of nights, and almost all Sundays.

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

  • Student

Magnet Theater

  • Student
  • Peformer
  • House Team

Reckless Theatre

  • Student

No Availability Listed

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