Lynae DePriest

My performance life started in theatre, which I still also study and perform today. I received my B.A. in Theatre and Performance Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. That's also where I started doing a lot of sketch and improv. I started studying at UCB in 2014 and have taken ...
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Hello! I’ve been improvising and coaching since 2014. Magnet Theater House Team performer for >7 years. Currently in the advanced program at Magnet Theater and UCB. I’m here to help you have more fun with improv, give a shit about what matters, and not get distracted by the nonsense in sce...
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David Steele

Hello! I'm a New York based improviser/performer. I've been doing improv in for 10+ years in Florida, Chicago, and New York. I currently perform regularly at Brooklyn Comedy Collective as a part of the BCC house team: What Made You Laugh as well as a part of the Armory house team: Detention I...
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Mark Dowling

I like to focus on listening and support. I create a fun and safe environment where you can experiment and develop the confidence required to reach your full potential. My rate is $35/hr
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Matt Radlow

Hey! I've studied and performed at UCB NY since January 2011, and oh boy do I love coaching improv! I can coach your group either in-person or online. You can currently see me perform on Harold Night at UCB with the team babygirl. You may have seen me hosting Harold/Lloyd nights over the yea...
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Jonathan Branch

Jon (Jonathan) Branch is a veteran improviser living in New York City. He was the founder and artistic director of House Improv in Gainesville, Florida until 2022. He is a graduate of Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB), Magnet Theater, and the World's Greatest Improv School (WGIS), and has been honin...
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Ian Herrin

Hey gang! Let's work together! I am a former UCB NY house team performer and Diversity Jam leader. I also served as the Academic Director for The Greenhouse, an improv guild that offered affordable classes before the pandemic forced us to close. You can find episodes of my improvised thera...
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Sabrina Banes

Hi! I am an improviser, improv teacher, writer and Tarot reader in Brooklyn, and I'd love to coach your improv group. I've performed as a member of house teams at Improv College (Oops! We Fell In Love and You should Have Seen Us Last Week), the Armory (Varsity Bowling), the World's Greatest I...
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Amanda Breen

Not currently accepting new teams. Apologies! Do you like my hat? Anywho, I got experience coaching all levels of improv and all ages. Teacher at : UCB, Brooklyn Comedy Collective & Second City Brooklyn. Current: - UCB House Team Performer (Harold Night & Lloyd Night - currently Tiptoe on...
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Collin Batten

I am an actor, improviser and improv coach based in New York. As an Improviser I have performed and trained at Magnet Theater, ThePIT, iO Chicago and the Story Pirates. Acting credits include Blue Man Group, FX's American Sports Story, Across the Universe, Pearl Theater Company and commercial ca...
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