Andrew Jonathan Barlow

Okay, I love coaching improv. I really just love improv. As a coach, I like to give the team ownership over their style and play. Do you like relationships and characters? Are you a game heavy team? Do you like narrative? Let's explore this together and find a style that allows your team to play ...
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Blake Opper

Hey there, I’m Blake and I'm a big ole improv nerd. Improv is kinda hard, but not as hard as you think… but also so hard but super not that hard… It’s a bit confusing and I'd love to work with your team/practice group on tackling this big dumb thing called improv. Obligatory Credentials: ...
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Bridget Holmes

Hi! I'd love to coach your improv team or practice group! I've been studying improv since 2012 and I am currently a teacher with UCB Theatre. I was previously on the UCB Harold Teams Falco, Highwater, & Moose and the UCB Lloyd Team Slingshot.
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Amanda Breen

Do you like my hat? I have experience coaching all levels of improv from "never heard of it" to "never NOT done it" and everything in between. I'm a teacher at UCB and previous house team performer (Harold Night & Lloyd Night), I coach teams & practice groups, and I lead audition & corporate work...
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Raymond Santos

Hey! I'm Raymond and I'd love to coach your team, sketch or improv-wise. I perform with Shrecc (formerly Lloyd Night, now a monthly show with the Squirrel Theater) and my indie team Mercy Santos (God's Favorite Improv team). I also wrote for BedRock (Maude Night). Plus, I've taken a bunch o...
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Ian Herrin

Hey gang! Let's work together! I am a former UCB NY house team performer and Diversity Jam leader. I also served as the Academic Director for The Greenhouse, an improv guild that offered affordable classes before the pandemic forced us to close. You can find episodes of my improvised thera...
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Keegan Garant

Hey there, My name is Keegan Garant, i am an Improviser and Actor based in NYC! My focus as an improvisor and as a Coach is in long-form Improvisation. More specifically the use of character, truth, and natural discovery within the boundaries of long-form. I work well with beginner and advance...
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David Steele

Hello! I'm a New York based improviser/performer. I've been doing improv in for 10+ years in Florida, Chicago, and New York. I currently perform regularly at Brooklyn Comedy Collective as a part of the BCC house team: What Made You Laugh as well as a part of the Armory house team: Detention I...
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Ryan Barker

Hi - I'd love to coach your group! I started improv in college (as did we all), moved to New York in 2015, and I've taken classes at the UCB & Squirrel Theatres, performing around the city ever since. Sitting on 12 years of improv experience, I'm excited to get out there and stretch my coachin...
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Nic Rockwell

What's up?! As a coach I enjoy working with new indie teams to find their voice. I create a welcoming, positive, safe environment where improvisers feel comfortable to explore without feeling judged. Fitness analogy coming. I apologize in advance. I'm a Fitness Coach so I cater practice ho...
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