Mark Dowling

I'm Mark Dowling and that is my headshot from 5 years ago. Email me for availability.
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Sebastian Conelli

Sebastian is a writer and performer from Staten Island, New York. He has studied and performed improv and sketch comedy at the Magnet Theater and the Upright Citizen Brigade Theater since 2010. He has had the privilege of studying under Peter McNerney, Armando Diaz, Russ Armstrong, Jordan Kleepe...
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Nic Rockwell

What's up?! I've been a professional student of improv for 6 years. Just like you I am obsessed. I have listened to numerous improv podcasts, read many books about improv and still found time to perform with my indie team Adult-ish I focus on base reality, identifying/playing unusual charac...
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Brandon Zelman

Teams Promises (Harold Night, Lloyd Night, Multi-Time UCBW Cage Match Winners) Calico (Harold Night) Brief Dragon (Hosts of Indie Cage Match) The Trial ASP Improvised Gilmore Girls Doorman Big Kitten Hamford SexyTrope Performer/Director with The Story Pirates Specialties Juicy, grou...
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Carolyn Egan

Heyoo it's Caro and I am ready to coach in person again (or online), so if you and your team are vaxxed and ready to go, so am I. I was on Harold night at UCB with the team Calico and on Lloyd night with the teams Hometown Tigers and Fight Clurb. I have been lucky to have already started coachin...
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Jake Keefe

Im Jake and I’m fully vaxed and ready to do some goofs! I've been doing improv for 20 years and sketch for 10! I currently produce the hit shows “second hand movie” and “sidecoach at the asylum NYC. My main focus now is zen meditation and how to calm, focus, and center yourself as you appro...
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Jacob Davis

Hi, I'm Jacob! Improv is life. Here at Jacob Davis, we want to coach your team to really support each other and really trust each other. We will encourage you to truly have each other’s backs and play as a team. Zoom sucks, let’s improvise for real I've been on UCB House Teams: Din Din,...
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Ian Herrin

Hey gang! Let's work together! I am a former UCB NY house team performer and Diversity Jam leader. I also served as the Academic Director for The Greenhouse, an improv guild that offered affordable classes before the pandemic forced us to close. You can find old episodes of my podcast, The...
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Brandon Dzirko

In person improv is coming back, and I'd love to work with you! I’m fully vaccinated so I can coach in person. But if that’s not your jam, Zoom improv practices can be fun too! I was on the Harold Team Game 7 until the theater closed. Before that, I was on Lloyd Bounce House and The Outlaw. I'...
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Chris Griswold

Discover how simple good improv can be. Learn to trust yourself and stop overthinking. Overcome your obstacles and learn to perform effortlessly. Let's figure out where you and your group want to go - I will get you there. As a professional coach with 20+ years experience, I can coach students...
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