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Hi! I'm Cory. I've been studying improv & sketch at the UCB Theatre for 3+ years (currently in the Advanced Study Improv Program). During that time, I've also studied KROMPF with Amey Goerlich, as well as 4-Track with Christian Capozzoli. I am a freelance teacher/coach & performer with the UCB Allstars program. We work with teen theater groups in NYC via the UCB Training Center. I perform with the indie teams Humphrey & Big Red Door(s). I am the host of 'The Semi-Serious Panel Show', which will be returning with new episodes this spring. Occassionally, I get to guest-host 'Indie Cage Match' at the UCB East (a show that I help produce every week).

Some of the teachers I've studied under at the UCB include:
Betsy Stover, Ari Voukydis, Billy Merrit, Lydia Hensler, Kate Zelensky, Tim Martin, Anthony Atamanuik, Gavin Speiller, Will Hines, Neil Casey, Michael Delaney, Shaun Diston, Chelsea Clarke, Ryan Karels, & Shannon O'neill.

There are more, but that list is already pretty aggressive...

Here is what i'm offering:
• My rates are reasonable (like $20-25 per/hour, depending on the size of your group/team).
• I'm down to work with groups of all sizes... Like, from 2 to 10 people...
• I am happy to run larger, one-off workshops that focus on a specific skill too.
• I enjoy working with improvisers at all skill levels. Whether it's a 101 drop-in group or a squad of veteran performers.
• If you're looking to transition from practice to performance group, I will work with you to help find the form that works best for the ensemble.
• I'll be patient & supportive when noting your scenes/sets.
• I'll come to your shows whenever possible & cheer you on.
• I make it my business to foster a positive atmosphere during practices/rehearsals.

Here are my 2 cents:
• I'm a really big fan of simple game play that follows the fun, explores a reality, & heightens naturally.
• I believe that doing the work & establishing relationships early, earns us the right to go bat-shit crazy.
• Doing grounded improv ≠ doing boring improv.
• I really, REALLY like pizza.

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