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Hello! My name is Leah. Chances are if you've been performing in the city, or are a new team looking for stage time, you've been on one of my shows. I've performed at many NYC venues including PIT, Magnet, UCB, UCBeast, The Tank, Creek and Cave, and many more. I served as Artistic Associate at The PIT before I left to pursue other ventures which include founding The Armory.

My focus as a coach is solidifying team dynamic, developing voice, technically clean sets (I'm a sucker for them), sincerity, game, relationship, building a world, subtext as well as 'getting to the point', make sure everyone is being heard, and justification. I love working with teams who genuinely enjoy each other. If you think this is the case with your team we would be a great match! As a writer, I also greatly enjoy working on and with narrative or plot-driven forms.

Let's find what works for you and if it's not with me I will probably know of someone else you would gel with!

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