Lorraine Cink


Hey guys! I have coached everyone from newbies to house teams in both improv and musical improv, in addition to theater/ sketch direction. I did my first improv show in 1995, let's just leave it at that.

I started out in theater and I carry that training along side my improv and comedy work. Every team is different, but I generally emphasize the use of grounded scene work (truthful listening and reacting) as the foundation of all improv. I love helping teams become their own special organism; finding out what is special about them and what makes them happy and different.

I have studied at UCB, the PIT, the Magnet and Second City in Chicago, in addition to degrees in Acting and Musical Theater. I currently teach both straight improv and musical improv at The Peoples Improv Theater. I'm also a professional geek - if you ever just want to talk about comics or sci fi or whatever.

My schedule tends to change and be flexible so please contact me for more info on my availability.

Current Teams: Borealis (PIT Friday Team), Hello (PIT Musical Friday Team), Legend (Magnet Musical Team) More about me: LorraineCink.com

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

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Magnet Theater

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