Matt Dennie

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My name is Matt Dennie. I am currently a teacher at UCBNY and I would love to coach your team, practice group, class show prep, audition group, small team, book club, house party, etc.

I have experience working with a wide variety of forms: strong premise stuff, Harolds, organics, monoscenes, deconstructions, macroscenes, even creating forms on the spot. Together I’d like to make your team stronger while also working your individual play and fundamentals. I am a big fan of having fun, playing fearlessly, and making choices you actually like and want to make.

Currently I am on the UCB weekend team Higgins and am a former member of Harold teams Guthrie, Big Margaret, and Lloyd team Spooky Ghost. I have studied with teachers like Chris Gethard, Will Hines, Brandon Gardner, Michael Delaney, Silvija Ozols, Gavin Speiller, Jordan Klepper, and many others as well as tons of great coaches on the indie scene.

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

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