Michael Stevens


So a little bit about me: I'm an improviser, actor, storyteller and writer from Brooklyn. I like thoughtful, conscious improv. My personal strength is acting and characters, so I like to encourage play that balances the scales of theater and comedy. The most compelling scenework is the most fun to watch, and you can only get there by investing in the emotional reality.

A little bit about my credentials. I studied improv since 2009. Completed the Magnet Training Program. I've studied under with Armando Diaz, Hannah Chase, Louis Kornfeld, Alan Fessenden, Peter McNerney, Rick Andrews, Chris Griswold, Elana Fishbein, Karen Wright, Morgan Phillips, etc, you get it. I've also studied storytelling with Adam Wade. And a bunch of Shakepeare/Theater crap. I exist.

I currently play on a slew of indie teams: FAM, eaves, Can't Catch a Cab, Good at Sports, and Squirtle Squad. Also directed/co-directed The Multiplex & The Nightmare for the Magnet respectively.

A little bit about you:
1. You are a team or practice group, with mostly newer improvisors.
2. You are a more experienced team or practice group, and you want to focus on some of those muscles I mentioned above.
3. You are a POC/Diverse/Inclusive team.*****


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