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As a coach I enjoy working with new indie teams to find their voice. I create a welcoming, positive, safe environment where improvisers feel comfortable to explore without feeling judged.

Fitness analogy coming. I apologize in advance. I'm a Fitness Coach so I cater practice how I do my sessions. I begin with a few warm-ups to get your mind focused, body active, and stresses out. We then will do specific exercises based on what the group needs i.e. work on base reality, philosophy, sharing focus, game. Then the bulk of the "workout" is applying what you've learned into sets. Then we all get to cool down in a compliment circle where we each give & receive one compliment to each other. Phew. Made it through that.

About Me:
I'm an actor, improviser, comedian, & content creator in New York City. I graduated with a degree in Theatre Arts with an emphasis in dance at California State Chico University. I have appeared in national and international commercials, co-stared in TV, and consistently perform in improv theaters around NYC.

I began my improv journey at the beginning of 2016. I started at Reckless Theatre NYC under the instruction of Rachel Rosenthal. I progressed through the UCB NYC core curriculum and have periodically taken advanced courses through the institution. From here I branched out to The Magnet, The PIT, and Brooklyn Comedy Collective. I have created and performed with multiple indie teams around the city. Venues include The PIT, The Magnet, UCB, BCC, Young Ethels, Ottos Shrunken Head, Fun & Dumb Festival, and Shillelagh Tavern.

I have taken classes with Will Hines, Billy Merritt, Armando Diaz, Rachel Rosenthal, Morgan Phillips, Peter McNerney, Louis Kornfield, Patrick McCartney, Achilles Stamatalaky, Ian Herrin, Alyssa Davis, Katy Berry, Dana Shulman, Chelsea Clarke, Zack Willis, Kim Alu, Michael Lutton, Polo Tate

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$25 (2-3 Improvisers)
$30 (4-5 Improvisers)
$35 (6+ Improvisers)

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

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Magnet Theater

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Reckless Theatre

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Brooklyn Comedy Collective

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