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I'm keen to see where you're at and gear our rehearsals to suit the specific goals and needs of your team; to focus in on what makes you work as a team and magnify that energy; and to create an atmosphere fused of enthusiastic love for what you do as a team.

I direct the musical improv program at the Queen's Secret Improv Club as well as the professional improv company This Is Your Life: The Musical, and I perform with Pillow Talk at the Magnet Theater, so I'm especially excited to coach your musical improv team. Team-building is my favorite thing: fostering an environment of communal excitement and radical mutual trust, where you're all ridiculously excited to play with one another. If you get it to that place as a team, you can do absolutely anything together.

Also musicality is a specialty - working with the foundations of melody to help you improvise catchy, memorable verses and choruses that stick with your audience. We can totally create an original form together, too, if that's what you're looking for.

While I perform with improvisers from the UCB, iO, the Annoyance, Second City and the PIT on a regular basis, and all of that is awesome -- I'm primarily a Magnet guy. We'll build patience, emotional connection and profoundly human characters and we'll find what's funny in what's real.

My favorite teachers and coaches include...
Armando Diaz, Rachel Hamilton, Katie Hammond, Louis Kornfeld, Michael Lutton, Rob Schiffmann, Rick Andrews, Elana Fishbein, David Razowsky, Tara Copeland, T.J. Mannix

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