Betsy Helmer

Hey, hey, hey! I would love to coach your practice group or improv team! I currently improvise at UCB on Lloyd night with a bunch of lovers on Din Din. I'm in UCB's Academy and I'm an actor who does a bunch of theater & some TV and commercials. I'm also on the indie team Sugarboots! I've stu...
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Ernest Myers

All my suggestions will probably be related to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. UCB Advanced Study Performances: Pure Comedy, Linked (The LaRonde), Picture Show (The Movie), The Season Finale, Genre II, Space is the Place Credits: Detective Sully (Best of UCB, New York Comedy Festival) D...
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Benjamin Cohen

Hey everyone, I really love improv and I'd love to work with your group! I love working on lots of things but especially: Physicality, Connectivity, Listening, Storytelling, and Getting the fucking fuck out of your head. I'm also a Screenwriting & Improv teacher at the NYFA and ESRA schools....
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Amanda Poryes

Hiiiiii I would love to coach your indie team/practice group. My first job, ever, was "teaching" improv to children in a theatre summer camp. By "teaching" I mean telling kids to play pretend... better? Since then, I've studied longform at the Groundlings for two months before moving to N...
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Nicholas Thomas

Hi I'm Nick and I'm here to hopefully coach your Improv group or direct your sketch team, yep I can do both. I am an actor, writer and director and have been performing in NYC for the last ten years, oh and I am Australian. I like to focus on relationships, grounded performances, physicality and ...
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Tarik Davis

I've been performing improv for 20 years. I am currently performing in Shamilton, an improvised musical by Baby Wants Candy at UCB as well as the PIT's longest running improv team The Baldwins and have been part of the monthly Comedy People's Time since 2015. I joined Freestyle Love Supreme in 20...
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John Timothy

John is a member of the UCB team The Curfew. Past work at the UCB includes the Harold teams Sandino, A Sparrow, and Namaste. He was also a writer/director on the Beta Team Horse + Horse. He has trained at the UCB since 2006 with the likes of Betsy Stover, Neil Casey, Doug Moe, Porter Mason, Dyna ...
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David Perez

Hi! I would love to coach your team! I perform on Lloyd night with my team Dog People and have done 4 ASP's etc. I am a former theater director who loves building ensembles and looking at scene work through a committed and emotionally honest framework. Hit me up!
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Ian Herrin

Hey gang! Let's work together! I am currently on the Lloyd team Hotcake and serve as the Academic Director for The Greenhouse, an improv guild in association with The Armory offering six week courses and specialty electives. Signup now! I also d...
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Paris Adkins

Hey! I'm Paris and I'd love to coach your indie team/practice group/whatever! I've been studying at UCB since 2015, and I've taken a TON of classes, including Advanced Study and Academy Performance classes such as Pure Comedy, Fall Stock (Musical Improv), The Excellent Cadaver, Fragile Spine, ...
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