Jess Augustyn

Howdy, I’m Jess though some call me Gus! I’ve been studying at UCB since 2017 and watching it even longer! You may have seen me around town with my indie team Jeeze, my all female sketch team Goth Girls, or on the other side of your emails at the UCB registrar. I’ve performed in ASPs like The...
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Rachel Taenzler

Hello! I am a performer on the UCBT Lloyd team Dog People and UCB's TourCo. I was previously on the Lloyd teams Statham and Judy Big Mouth. I've been studying at UCB since 2013 with a billion great teachers. I was in The Future is Female advanced class (Abra Tabak), as well as the ASPs The Mix...
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Elisa Ballou

Hi!! I'm Elisa and I would love to coach you! I've been studying improv at UCB since 2016. You can currently see me every Monday hosting and performing at Kaleidoscope, a long running improv mash-up show, and working at the UCB Training Center. I've also performed in a few ASPs including Concrete...
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Chris Zalis

Hi my name is Chris, and I would love to coach you. I am on the Lloyd team Bounce House, and have been in several ASPs (Overachiever, TGIF, Hallowed Halls, Excellent Cadaver, etc.). I think improv should above all else be really funny. I love to emphasize game, framing, and justifying so scenes ...
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Brandon Dzirko

I'd love to work with you! You can catch me on Harold Night with Game 7, formerly with Bounce House and The Outlaw. I've been in some fun ASP's: Feature Presentation (The Movie), Eclipse (The Bat), The Eleven O'Clock Number (Musical), and Hallowed Halls (Created form). I play regularly with Br...
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Andrew Ontiveros

Hello! I'm Andrew! 🏄🏄🏄 I don't surf, but I do improvise! Let's work on following the fun, playing Game, listening skills, honest reactions, and supporting your teammates! Let's make sure you're still having fun while trying to make sense of a scene! Love doing classic Pattern Game Harolds, o...
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Amir Khan

What up freaks? I'm on the UCB Harold team "Promises" where we like to have fun. I've studied under a bunch of people! And guess what? Here's a list of them: Jessica Morgan, Steven Polletta, John Timothy, Chelsea Clarke, Achilles Stamatelaky, Joey Price, Patrick Noth, Doug Moe, Corey Brown, Z...
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David Perez

Hi! I would love to coach your team! I perform on Lloyd night with my team Dog People and have done 4 ASP's etc. I am a former theater director who loves building ensembles and looking at scene work through a committed and emotionally honest framework. Hit me up!
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Dana Moore

I am an actor, improviser, and karaoke enthusiast residing in New York City. I have been studying improv and musical improv in NYC since 2012 at Magnet, Upright Citizens Brigade, and Annoyance theaters. I have produced sketch, improv, musical improv, and hip hop improv shows from the ground up an...
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Brady O'Callahan

Not coaching at the moment! ************************ Hey gang, About me: I perform with the UCB team GOAT (formerly UCBT Harold Night with Captain, Mermaids, Brightlight, Slamball, Apollo) and the indie team Warren and the Business Work webseries crew. I’ve taken classes at UCB with Chels...
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