Michelle Drozdick (Soloprov)

Online coaching only for now with reduced rates! Solo improv can be incredibly daunting, whether you're putting up your own show or just want to try it out. I am an active improviser (solo and ensemble), and sketch writer for Armory team "Extra Credit". I've put up multiple scripted and non...
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Gregory Lotsvin

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Curran Connor

Let me enroll you in my pyramid scheme wait sorry ignore that let's do Improv!!
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Rebecca McGivney

Hello, I'm Rebecca and I would love to coach you! I am currently on the Lloyd team Kingship and have been in the ASPs Hallowed Halls, Hell's Kitchen: A Nightmare Show, and Before/After. I've been studying at UCB since 2013 with tons of amazing teachers and coaches, including Advanced Study cou...
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Stefan Schuette

I've been on Harold night with Party City and Some Kid, I was on Lloyd night with Ronin, and I toured the country with UCB TourCo, you can currently see me sitting in with various weekend teams and other bit shows. Other UCB credits include "The Convergence", "The Improvised Play", "This One Time...
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Jake Keefe

I just finished performing with the hit comedy Puffs for the last three years and wanna dive back into improv! Let me coach your group!!! I've been doing improv for 16 years and sketch for 10 years. I've studied and performed at The Second City, UCB, and I teach at The Pit, I'm also currently ...
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Silvia Menendez

Hi! My name is Silvia and I'd love to coach you! I perform on UCB's Harold Night with Days of Thunder and was formerly a member of Lloyd Team, Bounce House. I've taken classes at UCB with Johnna Scrabis, Lou Gonzalez, Anthony Appruzzese, Molly Thomas, and Caroline Martin. Former indie teams inclu...
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Raymond Santos

Hey! I'm Raymond and I'd love to coach your team if our schedules work out and you want me to coach you :) I perform with Shrecc on Lloyd Night and my indie team Mercy Santos (God's Favorite Improv team). I also write for BedRock on Maude Night. Plus, I've taken a bunch of classes on cool-a...
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Alex Cheng

Hi! I'm Alex, I'm on a house team at UCB, and I'd love to fight you and your whole group. Oh, you want me to coach you instead? That's fun too! My experience: I perform on Harold Night with the spooky freaks of Ritual, I play with the lovely psychos of Asian AF, I was on the iconic Lloyd team ...
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Alex Armesto

I’ve been doing improv and loving it for about 7 years. I began my training by studying with Mainstage Improv. I’ve been studying and performing with UCB since I’ve lived in New York. I have also studied with various members of The Annoyance and members of Chicago teams so I have a good range of ...
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