Andrew Jonathan Barlow

Okay, I love coaching improv. I really just love improv. As a coach, I like to give the team ownership over their style and play. Do you like relationships and characters? Are you a game heavy team? Do you like narrative? Let's explore this together and find a style that allows your team to play ...
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Dillon Geyselaers

Greetings! I'd love to coach or direct your improv or sketch team! I am available to direct other projects as well. I believe in grounded scene work, listening and reacting truthfully, and following the fun. I have been studying and performing improv, sketch, and standup in NYC since 20...
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Raymond Santos

Hey! I'm Raymond and I'd love to coach your team, sketch or improv-wise. I perform with Shrecc (formerly Lloyd Night, now a monthly show with the Squirrel Theater) and my indie team Mercy Santos (God's Favorite Improv team). I also wrote for BedRock (Maude Night). Plus, I've taken a bunch o...
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Amanda Stafford

Hi! I'm Amanda Stafford, my pronouns are she/her/they, and I'd love to work with your team to bring out your best work! Right at the top: all attendees of a coaching session must be fully vaccinated and well; no exceptions. :) I've been studying and creating improv and sketch comedy profess...
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Lynsey Bonell

Hey! I'd love to work with you and your improv team! I've taught, coached and studied improv in London, Sydney and New York, and performed in festivals across the world with some great teams. Whether you're just starting out or wanting to explore new forms I'll work with you to set goa...
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Arianna Durnell

Hello! I was an actor on the Maude Night team Glamour College at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade and my writing has been published on Clickhole, McSweeney’s, Reductress, Women In Comedy Festival Daily, Robot Butt, and The Higgs Weldon. My sketch comedy has been featured on WhoHaha and Comedy Cake.
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Donald Chang

"Support & Specify" is my improv philosophy. I want to help you play your smartest, funnest and togetherest. $40/hr, either over Zoom or in person. If y'all need to cancel, please give me 24 hrs warning ahead of time. Cancellations made within 24 hrs will still be charged. I was ...
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Steve Ling

Huge improv enthusiast. I've been doing improv about a decade and enjoy coaching the Spokane, Harold, Montage, Monoscene, and Slacker forms. I also have a lot of 2-prov experience and experience with longer 2 person sets. I love focusing on making scenes grounded with a clear base reality up to...
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Andy McCain

Andy has been loving improv ever since the short form games he explored in high school and through Whose Line? He dabbled in college groups and has incorporated improv techniques and ideologies into various theatre education programs across the nation. He has taught sketch as well for countless h...
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Kihresha Redmond

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