Bridget Holmes

Hi! I'd love to coach your improv team or practice group! I've been studying improv since 2012 and I am currently a teacher with UCB Theatre. I perform on Harold Night with the team Tiptoe and was previously on the teams Falco, Highwater, Moose, & Slingshot.
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Chris Bouknight

Current Magnet & Armory House team member. Improv is play! I wanna get your team up and at 'em with that style/sense of play. We should be having fun, right? Big fan of working with brand new teams searching for their team voice and building group dynamics. I love working on forms such as Spokane...
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Jenny St Angelo

I've been teaching improv for ten years, and dang I love it! Former UCB teams include TourCo, Lloyd Team RIZZO, Harold night's own Ice Cold Bev and weekend team The Curfew. I am on Current Ex Boyfriend, which continues to perform around the city and country. I love working with teams and stud...
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Nic Rockwell

About Me: I'm an actor, improviser, comedian, & content creator in New York City. I graduated with a degree in Theatre Arts with an emphasis in dance at California State Chico University. I have appeared in national and international commercials, co-stared in TV, and consistently perform in impr...
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Steve Ling

Performed and taught longform improv for over a decade - currently on a house team Dreamboat at the Magnet Theater. Graduated from all the main improv schools in NYC, including completing Advanced Level 2 at the Magnet, and Advanced Study Performance at the UCB. Produced a ton of indie shows in...
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Kayleigh Reichman

Hello! I'm Kayleigh (she/they) and I would love to coach your fully vaccinated practice group or indie team in person. I’ve been studying improv in NY since 2013, was in the UCB Academy, and have been on house teams Rogue One and The Overachievers at The Armory, and Dreamboat at the Magnet. ...
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Jake Bettermann

Hi! Coaching your team would be a ton of fun and I would love to do it. I am currently on the UCB Harold Team Sharlene. I have over 10 years of experience with improv and have taken a ton of classes at UCB in both LA (short for Los Angeles) and New York (regular length for New York) as well as...
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Mike Poole

Hey, I'm Mike Poole and I'd love to coach your improv team! I'm currently a teacher at UCB, and formerly a member of UCB Harold teams Game 7, Ice Cold Bev, and Lloyd team Statham. I'm also on the indie team My Momma’s Biscuits. I've done a ton of narrative and musical improv with groups like B...
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Michael Brantl

It's 2024. I'd love to coach your team.
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Jason Sweeten

~SKETCH AND CHARACTERS ONLY~ Jason currently teaches sketch at UCB and performs on Betty Night (Wig!). He also wrote on Maude Night for four years (Choir, What Would Do, and Glamour College). His other UCB credits include: The Queerball Sketch Show (writer), Jay Malsky Slept With My Boyfriend ...
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