Mark Dowling

Hello internet. You look nice today. My name is Mark Dowling and I’m available to coach your team or practice group. I’ve been studying at the UCB Theatre since 2010 and can currently be seen on Lloyd Night. My approach is to run as many scenes as possible while giving brief and concise not...
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Juan Vargas

I've been practicing improv since 2018. I was in the ASP: Block Party (HANN). I'm coaching for absolutely free, because I'm a young dude who loves people and prov BABY!!
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Nicholas Guastella

Hi teams and practice groups! Let’s make funky magic together. I love building those sweet team dynamics. I love big thematic weirdness as much as I love game math and Harold’s. I’ve been taught by Shaun Diston, Nicole Drespel, Liz Noth, Keisha Zollar and a lot more. I currently perform on...
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Andrew Fafoutakis

Hi! I was on the Musical House Team at the Magnet called "Mint Condition". I studied improv at the Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis, the UCB, the PIT, and the Magnet Theater. I perform regularly with my improv duo "The Andrews Sisters", and I hosted an LGBTQ improv show called "There's No Place...
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Kim Tyner

Hi there!! I would love the opportunity to coach you and your group / team / friends. When improv is supportive and whacky and committed and full of weirdos and grounded - wow that is some great stuff. Let's work on it! Studying-wise, I have been since 2013 at UCB. Performance class-wise, I wa...
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Ernest Myers

Whoa, hi there! I’ve been an active coach around NYC for over 3 years and performing improv since 2013. Catch me on Lloyd night with Shrecc. Also, come out every other month to Drunk Science @ Littlefield and stop by weekly for the Chance Encounters Jam, Thursday at PIT Loft. Past credits inc...
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Erin Davis

Hello! I would love to couch your indie/practice team. I am new to couching but am a big ole improv freak. I've been studying at UCB since 2016, and oh baby do I love taking classes. You may have seen me in any of the following UCB Performance Classes: Holiday Spectacular, Pure Comedy, Dearly...
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Patrick Cronin

Hi! I'm Patrick and I'd love to coach your team or practice group. Things I love to work on: Finding solid justifications Emotional commitment Blowing out the game of your scene Making the pattern game fun You may have seen me try to do these things on the iconic Lloyd team, Buckets!. I'...
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Hi! I'd love to coach your team and help you grow in whatever area you feels like needs growth - whether that's heightening, justifying, framing the scene, or finding the dreaded game etc etc. I've studied at UCB since the dawn of time and had lots of great teachers and took a bunch of cool ASPs ...
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Maritza Montañez

I perform and teach at UCB Theatre and Training Center in New York. I currently improvise with At Last! on Harold Night and Living Room: The First Generation, and co-host The Lady Jam. I previously improvised with Harold team Party City, Lloyd teams seventeen and The Nightmare, bilingual improv t...
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