Andrew Ontiveros

Hello! I'm Andrew! 🏄🏄🏄 I don't surf, but I do improvise! Let's work on following the fun, playing Game, listening skills, honest reactions, and supporting your teammates! Let's make sure you're still having fun while trying to make sense of a scene! Love doing classic Pattern Game Harolds, o...
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TJ Del Reno

I have been doing improv since 2004. I was on two UCB house teams, KINSeY and City Mouse. At Reckless Theatre I was on Too Big of a Dog and All Gonna Die which now performs at The PIT on Air Punch. I am a cast member of Chica-GO-GO at The PIT with Jodi Lennon, Joe Bill, Mick Napier, Silvija Ozols...
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Chris Bell

Chris has coached teams that appear in the Magnet Musical Megawatt, Magnet Musical Circuit, indie teams, and practice groups for over a year. Chris has also co-lead workshops in schools both in and out of NYC. Chris has a BFA in Theatre Arts. He has written, directed, and performed in NYC for ...
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Helen Shih

Hello! Helen is excited to coach sketch comedy. She is a founder, writer, performer, and producer of Overstep Comedy. Overstep is an Asian-American sketch team founded in New York dedicated to increasing representation in comedy. Overstep was a headliner of the Asian Comedy Festival (The PIT, 202...
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Topher Wagner

Hey there, friend! I'm Topher and I'd love to coach your practice group or team! I'm super down to work on group dynamics, game, justification, grounding scenes, new forms, hell we could just do 2 hours of object work but mostly I want to discuss and cater to what your group wants to work on m...
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Amir Khan

What up freaks? I'm on the UCB Harold team "Promises" where we like to have fun. I've studied under a bunch of people! And guess what? Here's a list of them: Jessica Morgan, Steven Polletta, John Timothy, Chelsea Clarke, Achilles Stamatelaky, Joey Price, Patrick Noth, Doug Moe, Corey Brown, Z...
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Abe Woycke

Hey! I'm Abe, and I would love to coach your team. I want to help you and your team get better, whether it's working on a specific skill (ie group games, supportive walkons, framing, etc.), a specific form (Harold, monoscene, etc.) or honing, improving and/or creating your team's own self-crea...
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Blake Opper

Hi, I'm Blake and I'm a big ole improv nerd. Let's be improv nerds together! This art form is as difficult as it is rewarding I'd love to work with your indie team or practice group to tackle some of the hard parts of improv! Here's some things that are meant to sound impress impressive: I'...
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Fu Goto

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Sebastian Conelli

Sebastian is a writer and performer from Staten Island, New York. He has studied and performed improv and sketch comedy at the Magnet Theater and the Upright Citizen Brigade Theater since 2010. He has had the privilege of studying under Peter McNerney, Armando Diaz, Russ Armstrong, Jordan Kleepe...
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