David Barrera

// SKETCH // IMPROV // MUSICAL IMPROV // I write for UCB's Maude Night and I'm on a veteran musical improv house team at the Magnet. I've studied at UCB and Magnet since 2015, taken the Magnet's coaching class, and coached Magnet house teams. Absolutely love coaching UCB 301/401 practice ...
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Steven Polletta

Hello! I am a member of the UCBT Harold team Forever 21 and former house teams Sucker, Varsity, Party City, and Horse Girl. I am a co-producer and cast member of the monthly LGBTQIA+ improv show Here & Queer. I also perform at the theater with Moof. I started taking classes at UCB in 2013 ...
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Kristen Strong

Hey there! I'd like to coach you! I've studied improv at UCB since 2012 and currently perform with the Harold team Ritual for the UCB Theatre. I am also a co-host for the Tuesday night Improv Jam. I previously performed with the Lloyd teams Zaddy, Havoc, and Hotcake, in addition to The Overachiev...
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Clif Henning

First off, reps are more important than me talking, but if you want to know way too much about me, here you go: Hi folks, I'm Clif Henning and I want to coach your team. I like doing motivated improv, and I'd like to help you to do motivated improv as well. I like focusing on committed, gro...
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Dave Siegel

Experienced, effective veteran coach who is a former UCB Harold team performer and taught all core levels for years at the UCB Training Center. I've been regularly coaching improv in New York City since 2008, and have worked with everyone from 101 practice groups to established indie teams to...
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Lauren Clark

Figure out what works for you and do it as much as possible. There's no right or wrong, there is only weak and strong. I am honest and direct with my notes. I report what I see and we typically go from there, always jumping off from the basics and fundamentals of sustainable and repeatable co...
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Nick Carrillo

Hey! I’m Nick, and you might know me from the Off-Broadway show “Puffs," or from teaching Levels 0-5 at The PIT. I’ve been performing improv and theater all over New York City for over 12 years, and I have studied both at UCB and The PIT. I have experience teaching/coaching both long and short-fo...
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Mark Dowling

Hello internet. You look nice today. My name is Mark Dowling and I’m available to coach your team or practice group. I’ve been studying at the UCB Theatre since 2010 and can currently be seen on Lloyd Night. My approach is to run as many scenes as possible while giving brief and concise not...
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Juan Vargas

I've been practicing improv since 2018. I was in the ASP: Block Party (HANN). I'm coaching for absolutely free, because I'm a young dude who loves people and prov BABY!!
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Nicholas Guastella

Hi teams and practice groups! Let’s make funky magic together. I love building those sweet team dynamics. I love big thematic weirdness as much as I love game math and Harold’s. I’ve been taught by Shaun Diston, Nicole Drespel, Liz Noth, Keisha Zollar and a lot more. I currently perform on...
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