Matt Chesmore

I have been coaching about 6 years. I completed the programs at the UCB, Magnet, and the PIT, as well as studying at Second City and a ton of indie workshops. I played with the indie teams Chemistry Grad School, Matches & Magee and the former PIT house team, Vacation Island. As a coach, I m...
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Gusta Johnson

Hi there! I have been coaching improv for about a year now and has been studying at UCB since January 2011 (teachers include: Jordan Klepper, Erik Tanouye, Chelsea Clarke, Brandon Gardner, Abra Tabak and current and past coaches include: Brandon Scott Jones, Don Fanelli, Morgan Phillips, Steve T...
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Claire C. Downs

Hey! So I coach both Improv and Sketch and I'm pretty confident that I'm not a shitty person. Sketch I'm currently on the UCB Maude Team, Bellevue, which I've been on since 2012. Before that I was on the Maude Team Everything Rabbits (2011-2012). We've done festivals and had some killer fun...
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Jackie Jennings

Hi! My name is Jackie and I'd love to coach you. I'm currently on the Harold team GoodGirl, previously on the Harold team Deckard. I've studied with tons of teachers and learned tons of forms - the Evente, Monoscene, Vantage Point, Le Ronde and am an original member of The IMPROVISED Play which r...
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Annie Barry

Hey hey! I'm Annie Barry, I am on the Harold team Graceland and I coach a ton of improv. I am best at breaking down game so it's easy to understand and teaching acting. I have a BA in theater and I've been a coach for over a year. I'm free day times and some nights depending. It's very random, so...
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Nicholas Feitel

Hi everyone, I'm Nicholas! I'm the founder/AD of SUPERNOVA, a multi-theatre improv-performance experiment here in New York City that's a pretty exciting thing. I've been coaching consistently for a year now and doing improv for about 4 years. Teachers I've studied with include: UCB- M...
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Moujan Zolfaghari

I'm a UCB performer and have been a member of a number of Harold Teams in the past couple of years (The Opera, Ragnarock, Surfing, American Cousin & CAPTCHA). My coaching specialities include character work, group work, creating simple scenes and COMMITTING TO YOUR SCENES. Don't give up guys, jus...
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Dan Glaser

real good coach. ucb harold night, lloyd night, etc! $30 an hour maybe
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Lorraine Cink

Hey guys! I have coached everyone from newbies to house teams in both improv and musical improv, in addition to theater/ sketch direction. I did my first improv show in 1995, let's just leave it at that. I started out in theater and I carry that training along side my improv and comedy work. E...
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