Sara Kalkstein

Musical improv, baby!!!
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Shane Nielsen

Hello! I would love to coach your team/practice group! I'm currently on the UCB Harold team, Game 7. I was previously on the UCB Lloyd team, The Outlaw. Past/present indie teams include: Gym Crush, I Love Juicy, and Muffy. Thanks for reading this and have a great day.
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Rachel Chada

Hey! What’s up? Hello! Surprise, surprise, I'd LOVE to coach your team! Whether you're interested in basic scene work, finding a form that works for you, or adding a lil theatricality to your sets; I'm your gal! I’ve been studying that sweet, sweet prov at UCB since 2016 under such improv ...
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Billy Soco

Hey there! I'm Billy Soco and I'm an improviser, actor, and writer who would love to coach your team! I'm currently performing at UCBT with Lloyd team Din Din and at Magnet Theater with Musical Megawatt team Kittyhawk (forms: Rock Opera, Monoscene) and Megawatt team Big Whoop (forms: Busy Tow...
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Chris Griswold

Discover how simple good improv can be. Learn to trust yourself and stop overthinking. Overcome your obstacles and learn to perform effortlessly. Let's figure out where you and your group want to go - I will get you there. [UPDATE: If you're looking for a team, I'm now running Friday Daytime D...
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Jess Kelley-Madera

NYC is beginning to experiment with narrative and dramatic improv! If you’re interested in these styles, I would love to work with you. These are my areas of specialty; I perform an original improv form called Bound, which I developed with the wonderful Adrian Burke. In Bound, we play one intimat...
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Sean O'Reilly

House team member for 3 years and change at UCB. I'm on the Harold team Highwater now in its second season. I was on the Lloyd teams SLINGSHOT and ZADDY. I've been doing improv for almost 10 years now inside and out of UCB, so I do game but also incorporate emotionality, good acting, and some ana...
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Emmy Montgomery

Hey Y'all, I'm Emmy- I love all things improv and have a passion for comedy! I've been studying improv at UCB since 2016. I am currently in UCB's Academy and Magnet's Conservatory. I perform around NYC with my indie teams Tusk, Sunday Sundae, and Never the Bride. I also play Leslie Knope in...
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Akmal Tajihan

Hello improv dweebs! I love improv I would love nothing more than to coach your team/ practice group and spread that love! I’ve been doing improv for 4-5 years now. Started in Orlando Florida where I studied and performed at SAK comedy Lab. I also ran an indie sketch/ improv show there called hig...
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A.J. Patton

Hi! My name is AJ and I want to coach your improv team! I have been performing at UCB since 2011. I perform on Lloyd night with my team Bounce House (formerly with Lloyd teams Zaddy and Doing Hugs), have spent 3 years as a member of the UCB Touring Company and enjoyed great run with indie impro...
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